LMU Was Created to Deliver Lab Management Skills to Members

LMU Was Created to Deliver
Lab Management Skills to Members

[column size=”two_thirds” last=”no”] If Lab Management University (LMU) were a movie, the line of ASCP members would be stretched around several blocks. Launched in March 2013, sales of LMU, a 25-course Laboratory Management certificate program, in four months have already surpassed expectations for both FY 2013 and FY 2014. ASCP and the American Pathology Foundation (APF) collaborated to develop the best-selling education product based on extensive research about the knowledge gaps in lab management skills for pathologists, residents, and laboratory professionals, and on engaging stellar faculty members to teach the online and live LMU courses.

LMU: Enhancing Skills and Preparing for New Challenges

[blockquote] I was very first person to sign up for Lab Management University (LMU). I did not go to business school, and I do not have time to get a master’s degree in business administration because I have a family and a very busy career. LMU is perfect for me because it fills in the deficits in my knowledge, especially about human resources, finances, IT, and emotional management techniques.

When I have completed the LMU certificate, I expect to have a broad overview of the basic skills needed in my career. Currently, I’m in a stable position in my group. However, I am taking these courses to enhance my own skills and gain better insights into the day-to-day challenges of what I face in my various jobs.

In the current business climate, it will be more of a challenge for labs nationwide to be profitable. The skills taught by LMU courses are more vital than ever. Those in lab management can gain the skills to run the labs like any other business and run it to the best of their abilities.

—Jared Block, MD, FASCP
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